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  1. The Profession of Teaching Literature : a Portuguese Professor Reflects on the Pedagogical Goals

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    The Profession of Teaching Literature : a Portuguese Professor Reflects on the Pedagogical Goals

    Summary: After a first comprehensive revision of the meaning of professionalism in literary studies today, both at universities and in other places where literature is being taught, written and reviewed, I deal with particular problems that are affecting literary studies today. I look at how they are developed in academic curriculum, how they are being studied and taught in all levels of education, how they copy with the primacy of other core disciplines, and what are its possible futures in the humanities. Main topics include, trends of the literature teacher's professionalism, the way he or she drill
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    Print version: Ceia, Carlos ; Profession of Teaching Literature : A Portuguese Professor Reflects on the Pedagogical Goals, THE PROFESSION OF TEACHING LITERATURE: A Portuguese Professor Reflects on the Pedagogical Goals; Copyright Page; Table of Contents / Índice; Foreword; Preface; Nota Do Autor; 1. Revisão do Perfil do Professor de Literatura; 2. O Professor e a Formação do Gosto Literário; 3. As Competências Essenciais do Estudante de Literatura e a Competência Profissional do Professor de Literatura; 4. A Falência do Método no Ensino Da Literatura; 5. A História Literária como Organon da Formação Inicial de um Estudante de Literatura; 6. A Profissionalidade do Professor de Literatura, 7. Não Podemos Separar o Ensino da Língua do Ensino da Literatura8. A Fundação de uma Didáctica Anti-Essencialista da Literatura; 9. O Cânone Literário, o Professor de Literatura e a Origem das Espécies; 10. O Direito Natural e a Natureza da Literatura; 11. O Poder da Leitura Literária (contra as formas de impoder); 12. O Poder da Leitura Literária: o caso de uma Rainha de Inglaterra que se apaixonou pela leitura ficcional; Indice Remissivo
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    9780773418318, 0773418318
    Edwin Mellen Press