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  1. Middle income access to justice

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    Middle income access to justice

    Summary: Middle Income Access to Justice presents a variety of innovative solutions, from dispute resolution process reforms to the development of non-lawyer forms of assistance and new methods for funding legal expenses
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    M. J. Trebilcock, Lorne Sossin (1964-), A. J. Duggan
    Print version: Middle income access to justice, Part 1: Introduction -- Introduction / Michael Trebilcock, Anthony Duggan, and Lorne Sossin -- Part 2: Defining the Problem -- What Are the Unmet Legal Needs? -- 1 Caught in the Middle: Justiciable Problems and the Use of Lawyers / Pascoe Pleasence and Nigel J. Balmer -- 2 The Ontario Civil Legal Needs Project: A Comparative Analysis of the 2009 Survey Data / Jamie Baxter, Michael Trebilcock, and Albert Yoon -- Part 3: 'Front-End' Proactive Solutions -- 3 Front-End Strategies for Improving Consumer Access to Justice / Anthony Duggan and Iain Ramsay -- Part 4: Non-Lawyer Forms of Assistance -- 4 Opportunities and Challenges: Non-Lawyer Forms of Assistance in Providing Access to Justice for Middle-Income Earners / Russell Engler -- 5 Middle Income Access to Civil Justice: Implications of Proposals for the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales / roger smith -- Part 5: Access to Lawyers -- 6 Should Legal Services Be Unbundled? / Samreen Beg and Lorne Sossin -- 7 Money Isn't Everything: Understanding Moderate Income Households' Use of Lawyers' Services / Rebecca L. Sandefur -- 8 Legal Services Plans: Crucial-Time Access to Lawyers and the Case for a Public- Private Partnership / Paul A. Vayda and Stephen B. ginsberg -- Part 6: Reforming the Dispute Resolution Process -- 9 Reforming Family Dispute Resolution in Ontario: Systemic Changes and Cultural Shifts / Nicholas Bala -- 10 Some Reflections on Family Dispute Resolution in Ontario / George Czutrin -- 11 Access to Justice for Small Amount Claims in the Consumer Marketplace: Lessons from Australia / Justin Malbon -- 12 Challenges in Small Claims Court Design: Does One Size Fit All? / Shelley Mcgill -- Part 7: Creating Change and Reform of the Judicial System -- 13 Growing Legal Aid Ontario into the Middle Class: A Proposal for Public Legal Expenses Insurance / Sujit Choudhry, Michael Trebilcock, and James Wilson -- Part 8: The Options Papers Middle Income Access to Justice: Policy Options with Respect to Family Law / Noel Semple and Carol Rogerson -- Middle Income Access to Justice: Policy Options with Respect to Employment Law / Judith McCormack and Azim Remani -- Middle Income Access to Justice: Policy Options with Respect to Consumer and Debtor/Creditor Law / Anthony Duggan, Azim Remani, and Dennis Kao
    ISBN nr.: 
    9781442660601, 1442660600
    University of Toronto Press