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  1. Racially and ethnically diverse women leading education : a world view

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    Racially and ethnically diverse women leading education : a world view

    First edition
    Summary: This book's primary focus is on racially and ethnically diverse women in educational leadership. Each chapter is written from a unique conceptual or empirical lens as shared by international female leaders, and range from a critical examination of global society and cross-cultural collaboration, to the intersection of race, law, and power
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    Terri N. Watson, Anthony H. Normore
    Print version: Normore, Anthony H. ; Racially and Ethnically Diverse Women Leading Education : A World View, Front Cover; Racially and Ethnically Diverse Women Leading Education: A Worldview; Copyright Page; Contents; List of Contributors; Foreword; Reference; Paradigm Shift or Paradigm Stasis? An Analysis of Research on U.S. Women in Educational Leadership from 1980 to 2004; A National Perspective on Women in the U.S. Workforce; The Legal Context for Women Leaders in the United States; A Paradigm Shift Framework for Examining Research on Women Administrators; The 1980s: A Decade of Documentation; The 1990s: Cracks in the Glass Ceiling?; 2000-2004: New Millennium, New Research Issues; Conclusion, NotesReferences; Leadership Structures of Major International Organizations: An Exploration of Gender and Regional Disparities; Introduction; Relevant Review of Literature; Gender Disparity in Leadership Positions; Educational Background of Leaders; The Context of the Study: A Snapshot; Methodology; Findings; Discussion; Concluding Remarks; Notes; References; Negotiating Race and Gender in Marginalized Work Settings; Introduction; Leading and Transforming Education among Women in Education; Identities and Schooling; School Leaders' Contextual Awareness of Systemic Inequities, Conceptual FrameworkPassion; Practice; Persistence; Growing Leaders for Social Justice and Democratic Schools; Leadership Orientation: Values-Orientation and Collaboration; Issues of Gender and Race Pertaining to Female Leaders; Conclusions; References; Emiratiyat Embracing a Shifting World: Ways of Knowing Leadership in the United Arab Emirates; Introduction; Arab Women in Leadership -- Dr. Majed Abu Jaber; Women's Employment and Leadership Status in the United Arab Emirates; Cultural Feminism and Leadership Narratives; Women as Leaders in the Middle East, Case No. 1 An Expatriate/Emiratia Resident Educational Leader -- Dr. Boyce C. WilliamsValues; Benefits; Insights; Case No. 2 The Narrative of an Emiratia Educational Leader -- Dr. Rabaa Alsumaiti; A Challenging Environment; Continuous Training and Guidance; Values; Recommendations and Conclusion; Future Study; Note; References; Women, Leadership, and Education as Change; Women in Leadership; Barriers Faced by Women Pursuing Leadership Positions; Overcoming Barriers; The Ethos of Leadership for Social Justice; Learning as a Way of Leading; Golda Meir; Concluding Thoughts; References, African American Women Leaders in Higher EducationHistorical Perspectives; Professional Lived Experiences; Personal Lived Experiences; Celebrating African American Women in Academe; Conclusion; References; Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Justice Leadership: Female Jewish and Arab School Principals in Israel; Introduction; Educational Leadership, Gender, and Social Justice; The Israeli Education System and the Role of Women Principals; Methods; Research Participants; Data Analysis; Findings; Development of Determination and Awareness of Injustice in Childhood, Development of a Perception of Social Justice and Sensitivity
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    9781786350718, 1786350718
    Emerald Group Publishing Limited