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  1. Customs administration reform and modernization in francophone sub-Saharan Africa, 1995-2010

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    Customs administration reform and modernization in francophone sub-Saharan Africa, 1995-2010

    Summary: "This paper outlines reforms that have been achieved in the modernization of the customs administrations of francophone sub-Saharan (African) countries since the mid-1990s. It also highlights the remaining issues in this process. Progress has been made in the automation of operations and procedures, with constant and significant efforts to strengthen revenue collection and improve trade facilitation in a number of countries. However, the pace and scope of modernization remains insufficient, particularly in developing customs control and enforcement capacities, and enhancing operational resources and management. The findings suggest that the authorities' strong commitment to reform, organizational and management changes, adequate technical assistance and project management, and effective implementation of modern customs standards, are critical to accelerate the modernization of customs in francophone sub-Saharan Africa"--Abstract
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    International Monetary Fund Fiscal Affairs Department
    Cover; Contents; I. Background; II. Revenue Trends and a Few Indicators of Customs Performance; III. Customs Administrations in the Late 1990s and the Reform Agenda; IV. Reform Achievements and Remaining Issues; V. Factors Affecting the Course of the Reforms; VI. Lessons and Suggestions for Future Steps; References; Tables; 1. Breakdown of Francophone Sub-Saharan African Countries, by Per Capita Income, 2010; 2. Imports of Goods and Customs Duties, 1996-2009; 3. Revenue Forgone from Customs Exemptions in Selected Francophone Sub-Saharan Countries, 4. Imports of Goods Recorded and Exports of Goods from the World, 1999-20095. Customs Duties and Total Tax Revenue, 1996-2009; 6. Results of Customs Controls for Selected Francophone Sub-Saharan African Countries; 7. Summary of Doing Business Survey-Trading Across Borders Results; 8. Assessments of Customs Administration; 9. Selected Francophone Sub-Saharan Countries: Burden of Customs Procedures, 2010; 10. Clearance Times in Selected Francophone Sub-Saharan African African Countries and by Region, 2010, 11. Physical Inspections of Goods in Selected Francophone Sub-Saharan African Countries, 201012. IMF Fiscal Affairs Department TA Missions in Customs Administration, 1995-2010; 13. Customs Administration TA Provided by the IMF and Other Development Partners, 1995-2010; Figures; 1. Imports of Goods and Customs Duties, 1996-2009; 2. Francophone Countries Belonging to WAEMU: Imports of Goods and Customs Duties, 1996-2009; 3. Francophone Countries Belonging to CEMAC: Imports of Goods and Customs Duties, 1996-2009, 4. Non-WAEMU/Non-CEMAC Countries in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Imports of Goods and Customs Duties, 1996-2009Boxes; 1. Main Modernization Actions Engaged in FSSACs Customs Administrations, 1995-2010; 2. Phases of Computerization of the Customs Administrations in Francophone Sub- Saharan Africa; 3. Principal Regional Integration Agreements in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa; Appendixes; I. Imports of Goods and Customs Duties in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends by Region, 1996-2009; II. Brief Description of Selected Customs International Conventions and Standards, Title from PDF title page (IMF Web site, viewed Nov. 20, 2012), "Fiscal Affairs Department"--Page 2 of pdf, "October 2012"--Page 2 of pdf
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    9781475529593, 1475529597
    International Monetary Fund