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  1. Crossing the bridge of the digital divide : a walk with global leaders

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    Crossing the bridge of the digital divide : a walk with global leaders

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    Anthony H. Normore, Antonia Issa Lahera
    Print version: Crossing the bridge of the digital divide, Foreword : bridging divides in cyber-lives / Jabari Mahiri -- Digital Equity and its role in the digital divide / Kitty Fortner, Anthony H. Normore, and Jeffrey S. Brooks -- An examination of the digital divide and its dividing factors in formal educational settings / Albert D. Ritzhaupt and Tina N. Hohlfeld -- Not all young people "use" the Internet : exploring the experiences of ex-use amongst young people in Britain / Rebecca Eynon and Anne Geniets -- Leading the cohort across the divide : recent best practices to enhance cohort teaching and learning / Steven C. Williams -- Walking the pedagogical line in graduate studies : obstacles and opportunities transitioning to digital and e-learning / Duncan MacLellan and Heather Rintoul -- A model for addressing adaptive challenges by merging ideas : how one program designed a hacking framework to address adaptive challenges and discovered the ecotone / Kendall Zoller, Antonia Issa Lahera, and Julie Jhun Camino -- Emerging technologies for learning : using open education resources (OER) / Ruben Caputo -- Partnering with teachers to bridge digital divides / Doron Zinger, Jenell Krishnan, and Mark Warschauer -- Social networking technology and the social justice implications of equitable outcomes for first-generation college students / Yesenia Fernandez, Nancy Deng, and Meng Zhao -- The habitus and technological practices of rural students : a case study / Laura Czerniewicz and Cheryl Brown -- The digital divide in scientific development and research : the case of the Arab world / Hamoud Salhi -- Assistive technology for students with disabilities : an international and intersectional approach / Saili S. Kulkarni, Jessica Parmar, Ann Selmi, and Avi Mendelson -- Online resource courses to enhance education abroad learning : the digital & enhanced international learning divide / Gary M. Rhodes and Rosalind Latiner Raby
    ISBN nr.: 
    9781641133920, 1641133929
    IAP, Information Age Publishing, Inc.