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  1. Restorative practice meets social justice : un-silencing the voices of "at-promise" student populations

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    Restorative practice meets social justice : un-silencing the voices of "at-promise" student populations

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    Anthony H. Normore, Antonia Issa Lahera
    Print version: Restorative practice meets social justice, Social justice and restorative processes in urban schools : historical context / Anthony H. Normore -- Growing social justice leadership through system hacks : the formula for operationalizing change / Antonia Issa Lahera and Pamela Robinson -- The "at promise" model minority student : providing equity, restorative practices, and access to mental health supports / H. Orletta Nguyen and Anthony Normore -- Mindful schools : how does a restorative academic space create a responsive program culture for 16-24 year olds? / Roberto Rodriguez-Saavedra, Kimberly B. Hughes, and Sara A.M. Silva -- Using communicative intelligence to situate language in the context of restorative practices to create new associations / Kendall Zoller -- Restorative practices and english language learners : language development in relational contexts / Maggie Terry -- Connection to community to content / Abdul Issa -- Using restorative principles to redesign a middle school for the common good / Karen Junker and Harriet MacLean -- Cultivating restorative communities : a K-12 systems approach to restorative practices / Jeffrey Garrett and Tanya Franklin -- Creating a restorative community : the view from the principal's chair / Jose Luis Navarro and Jeanne Sesky -- Critical hope and equity : the conditions of restorative practices in an urban high school / Chris Carr and Omar Reyes -- Using a response to intervention pipeline to respond to chronic underachievers / Ed Castillo -- Restorative practices in a culturally dislocated urban high school : the impact of community circles / Trebor R. Jacquez -- "From boys to gentlemen" : a program for restoring positive self-image in middle school boys of color / Amen Rahh
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    9781681237299, 1681237296
    Information Age Publishing, Inc.