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  1. Pharmacy clinical coordinator's handbook

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    Pharmacy clinical coordinator's handbook

    Summary: As a pharmacy clinical coordinator or clinical manager, ensuring optimal patient outcomes is only part of your job. You must also manage your staff and be an expert in human resources, operations, logistics, finance, safety, and risk management. Whether you're a new clinical coordinator or have been on the job for some time and want to enhance your skills, you'll find tools, tips, and practical guidance to the all the technical, management, and leadership challenges of your position in ASHP's new Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator's Handbook. Edited by Lynn Eschenbacher, with contributions from 18
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    American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Lynn Eschenbacher
    Print version: Pharmacy clinical coordinator's handbook, Getting started / Noelle R.M. Chapman -- Building and leveraging key relationships / Scott Knoer and Sam Calabrese -- P & T committee, formulary management basics, and medication-use evaluations / Bob Lobo and Mark Sullivan -- Finance : focusing on the bottom line / Robert P. Granko -- Medication safety essentials for the clinical coordinator / Lynn Eschenbacher -- Accreditation, medication management, and the clinical coordinator / Trista Pfeiffenberger -- Human resources and people management / Jennifer Burnette -- Staff development : 10 factors to guide performance / Jean Douglas -- Managing development and assessment of competency / Lynn Eschenbacher and Rhonda Zillmer -- Strategic planning and project management / Jennifer M. Schultz -- Implementing new clinical pharmacy programs step-by-step / Laurimay Laroco and Jenna Huggins -- Programs that work : clinical pharmacy services 101 / Steven S. Carlisle and Carrie A. Berge -- Monitoring and evaluating clinical interventions / Kate M. Schaafsma -- Leadership from the clinical coordinator's perspective / David Hager -- Incorporating students and residents into it all / Antonia Zapantis -- Putting it all together : the effective clinical coordinator / Lynn Eschenbacher
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    9781585284795, 1585284793
    American Society of Health-System Pharmacists