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  1. The pharmacy leadership field guide : cases and advice for everyday situations

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    Michael A. DeCoske, Jennifer E. Tryon, Sara J. White (1945-), American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
    Print version: Pharmacy leadership field guide, ""Dedications""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Contents""; ""Foreword""; ""Preface""; ""How to Use This Book""; ""Publisher�s Note""; ""Editors""; ""Contributors""; ""Reviewers""; ""Professional Leadership""; ""Introduction""; ""Don�t mistake a good manager for a good leader""; ""Being a “little L� everyday leader""; ""Employ situational leadership""; ""Never think “It�s not my job�""; ""Don�t miss “the forest for the trees�""; ""The pharmacist�s role in relation to the patient and caregivers""; ""Be the CEO (chief executive officer) of your own career"", ""Employ a career development plan""""Perfecting leadership skills through involvement in professional organizations""; ""Summary""; ""Leadership Exercises""; ""VETERAN mentor PROFILE""; ""NEW PRACTITIONER PROFILE""; ""Suggested Additional Readings""; ""Additional Materials""; ""Becoming a Leader""; ""Building your leadership skill repertoire and knowing your personal style""; ""Finding and maximizing the mentor/mentee relationship""; ""How to recognize when an opportunity presents itself""; ""When and how to negotiate an outcome"", ""When is it appropriate to say no? (Is it ever appropriate?)""""VETERAN MENTOR PROFILE""; ""People, People, People!""; ""Informal leaders as necessary change agents""; ""Achieving success with an angry or strong-minded person""; ""Having crucial conversations when needed""; ""Having influence with people who have more authority than you""; ""There is no “I� in team""; ""Don�t take credit for the ideas of others""; ""Gaining respect from those more experienced than you""; ""Motivating the Eeyores""; ""Leading by example""; ""Sharing your passion with others"", ""Inspiring others to achieve a common vision""""The importance of developing relationships""; ""Holding people accountable for their performance""; ""Recognizing the fit of an individual to the department or organization""; ""Working with individuals who do not take initiative and rely on you for productivity""; ""Reference""; ""Communication""; ""Adapting a message to a target audience""; ""Tailoring a message to accommodate individual needs and preferences""; ""The importance of listening""; ""General approaches to feedback""; ""Giving feedback to an individual"", ""Hearing and responding to feedback""""NEW PRACTItiONER PROFILE""; ""Embracing Change""; ""Expect change to occur""; ""View change as a positive opportunity""; ""Being comfortable with being uncomfortable""; ""Change agent/change leader""; ""Successfully managing yourself during change""; ""Veteran Mentor Profile""; ""New Practitioner Profile""; ""References""; ""How to Conduct a Force Field Analysis?""; ""Tips for Change Leaders""; ""Rate Your Readiness To Change""; ""Working Efficiently""; ""Tackling the most challenging task of your day""; ""How to implement the techniques""
    ISBN nr.: 
    9781585283002, 1585283002
    American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Inc