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  1. Biomedical and behavioral research scientists : their training and supply. Volume 3, Commissioned papers

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    Biomedical and behavioral research scientists : their training and supply. Volume 3, Commissioned papers

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    National Research Council U.S. Committee on Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel, Institute of Medicine U.S.
    Print version: Biomedical and behavioral research scientists, BIOMEDICAL AND BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH SCIENTISTS: THEIR TRAINING AND SUPPLY -- Copyright -- Contents -- EVALUATING THE NATIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE AWARD PROGRAM: A REVIEW AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE -- WHAT TYPES OF EVALUATION QUESTIONS ARE OF CURRENT INTEREST? -- DEMAND FOR THE PROGRAM AND LEVELS OF PARTICIPATION -- PROGRAM CHARACTERISTICS AND OPERATION -- PROGRAM OUTCOMES AND PROGRAM EFFECTIVENESS -- OUTCOMES AND/OR EFFECTIVENESS OF INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM COMPONENTS -- Cost-Effectiveness -- Development and Maturation of Scientific Careers, Where Improvements in Evaluation Activities Are Needed?GAPS IN UNDERSTANDING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION AND OPERATION -- Needed Information on the Demand for the Program -- Needed Information on Participation Levels and Participant Characteristics -- Needed Information on Program Characteristics and Activities -- GAPS IN UNDERSTANDING PROGRAM OUTCOMES AND EFFECTS -- Predoctoral Training for Ph. D.s. -- Postdoctoral Research Training for Ph. D.s. -- Postdoctoral Training for M.D.s. -- GAPS IN UNDERSTANDING OUTCOMES AND EFFECTS OF NRSA PROGRAM COMPONENTS, Gaps in basic evaluative data for programs in specific fields/research problemsrecommendations for future evaluation activities -- ensuring the quality of data bases on nrsa appointments -- ensuring a core set of evaluation activities for all nrsa programs -- initiating evaluation activities that provide better information on program participation and operation -- increased attention to assessing program outcomes -- increasing the availability of resources for research on research training -- exploring the feasibility of evaluation designs for assessing effectiveness, TRAINING FOR HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCHDISCIPLINARY DEGREE PROGRAMS -- INTERDISCIPLINARY TRAINING PROGRAMS -- POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING PROGRAMS -- ON-THE-JOB TRAINING -- HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS -- SUPPORT FOR HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH TRAINING -- FEDERAL SUPPORT -- PRIVATE FUNDING -- FUTURE EVENTS -- CONCLUSION -- TRAINING OF PHYSICIAN/SCIENTISTS -- SPECIAL ROLE OF THE PHYSICIAN/SCIENTIST -- SUPPLY OF PHYSICIAN/SCIENTISTS -- HOW MANY PHYSICIAN/SCIENTISTS SHOULD BE TRAINED? -- Methods for Recruiting and Training Physician/Scientists Current Barriers
    ISBN nr.: 
    9780309576918, 0309576911
    National Academy Press