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  1. The intellectual crisis in American public administration

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    Print version: Ostrom, Vincent, 1919- ; Intellectual crisis in American public administration, 1. The crisis of confidence : The persistent crisis in the study of public administration ; The crisis as a paradigm problem ; The paradigm problem in public administration -- 2. The intellectual mainstream in American public administration : Wilson’s point of departure : Wilson’s theoretical presumptions ; Wilson’s theory of administration ; Basic propositions in the Wilsonian paradigm. Weber’s theory of bureaucracy : Congruence ; Anomalies. The research tradition in American public administration ; Gulick's anomalous orthodoxy : Principle of homogeneity ; Reorganizing the chief executive ; The jungle gym ; The holding company idea ; One master. Simon’s challenge -- 3. The work of the contemporary political economist : Model of man ; Structure of events ; Decision-making arrangements : Individualistic choice and the tragedy of the commons ; Bureaucratic organization ; The constitution of self-governing public enterprises ; The development of multi-organizational arrangements -- 4. A theory of democratic administration: the rejected alternative : Some anomalous threads of thought ; Hamilton and Madison’s theory of democratic administration : Concurrent administration in a federal system ; Principles of self-government . Tocqueville’s analysis of democratic administration -- 5. The choice of alternative futures :Some opportunity costs in the choice of paradigm : A theory of sovereign prerogative ; A theory of positive constitutional law. A science of association as knowledge of form and reform : Some common assumptions ; Two different solutions to the problem of political inequality ; Basic propositions in a paradigm of democratic administration. The use of different approaches to policy analysis : Policy analysis of institutional arrangements in urban areas ; Policy analysis of the administration of national affairs, Electronic reproduction. S.l. : HathiTrust Digital Library, 2010
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